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Exclusive custom agrochemical service and technology,Focus on high yield


Accumulative total sales of more than one hundred million bags

The leading domestic,And won the national patent。The production technology of powder physical aggregate method is adopted。This product is high nutrient content,Exploiting the lasting,High utilization rate,Obvious effects to increase production。

In pure harvard

Potassium sulfate With the pure sulfonium

Potassium sulfate with high quality and advanced production technology development,Is the melon、Fruit、Vegetables are preferred fertilizers。Without any side effects on crops,Full of nutrients,High purity,Exploiting the long,Balanced nutrients necessary to supply the whole growth period。Fully combining soil and plants,Effectively improve the soil quality。

The fourth element

Is not only a NPK

This product is rich in plant necessary trace elements,Cylinder and the tower using two kinds of craft。Can improve soil、Improve the fertilizer utilization ratio、Stimulating growth of crops、To enhance crops resistance and improving the quality of products,A balanced。Absorb more comprehensive nutrition,Improve nutrient utilization。


The real specific fertilizer

High nutrient content,The ratio of science,To meet the needs of a variety of economic crops on nutrition

The little black bag

Water soluble fertilizer choose black bag

Content is high、All nutrients、Water soluble、Fertilizer effect quickly

Shandong province people's congress standing committee, deputy director of the Wang Suilian to Stanley visiting research

8Month8Day,Deputy director of the provincial standing committee、Provincial federation of industry and commerce chairman Wang Suilian,The provincial standing committee, deputy secretary general Xu Qing line to Stanley Group Co., Ltd to visit research。Deputy director of the standing committee、Party member of Ding Shan yu,Linshu county wei secretary vlon,Stanley agricultural group President Gao Jinhua accompanied。