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Panoramic view of it:Business electricity floor heating、Lead them heating cable、Business in China
Business electric co., LTD
    Electric co., LTD is one of the world's leading international businessSmart brand of floor heating,Collection of product design、Development、Manufacturing、The installation、Service in a body's large-scale high and new technology enterprise。The main:Heating cable floor heating、Intelligent electric floor heating、Electric heating floor heating、Floor of floor heating、Floor heating tube、Carbon crystal heating floor and a series of intelligent floor heating project,Industries involved in family electrical floor heating、Industrial and commercial electricity floor heating, etc。Technology has reached the international advanced,And passedCE、RoHSAnd other international certification。

    The company's intelligenceElectric heating floor brandConvenient to use、Safe and reliable、Energy conservation and environmental protection、Healthy and comfortable performance such as trusted by the masses of users,Have high visibility。The concept of adhering to the people-oriented science and technology,Create a healthy and comfortable living environment,Business brandElectricity floor heatingIntelligent remote control system,To provide users with the perfectElectric heatingThe solution。

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