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The service hotline:0769-87185528
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The tripod with two handles  Dongguan city da zipper co., LTD,Team is founded2002Years10Month,At first mainly is engaged in plastic products processing,Formerly known as dongguan shengda plastic zipper factory,As the company development and market demand,2014Years6Founded on dongguan city da zipper co., LTD。Since the company was founded,The introduction of a batch of advanced production equipment,The new hire a professional mould designer and pilots,Set up a pioneering spirit、Good faith and pragmatic team。
  In recent years, the company with strict scientific management methods,In practical work style,Constantly develop to meet the market demand of products,At present, the company developed products300Much money,Vast enterprise product market,Exported to Japan、The United States、Europe、India、Southeast Asia and other places...[To check the details]
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The first:Water soluble film water soluble plastic packaging film as a novel green packaging material,In Europe and the United States、Japan and other countries are widely used in all kinds of product packaging,Such as pesticides、Fertilizer、Paint、Dye、Cleaners、Water treatment agent、The mineral additives...
Modern people pursue more halfback、Fashion,Beautiful shape、The unique packaging is always popular with young people more easily。The bags we use everyday,Will print all kinds of product information or business information,Thus provide convenient for shoppers,2 will also...
Insurance bag for everyday items,Probably there are two kinds of material,A kind of isPEPacking bag,A kind of isPVCPacking bag,These two kinds of material of the bags in our daily life has more wide use range,But,The real in the sense of food safety...
Generally refers to the production、Widely used、Good formability、Cheap plastic。General plastics have five varieties,The polyethylene(PE)、Polypropylene(PP)、Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)(PVC)、Polystyrene(PS)And acrylonitrile─Butadiene─Benzene...
Our country is a populous country,"The food is",The food industry occupies very important position in national economy,In our country in the process of economic transition from subsistence to well,The food industry will get a greater development。Wooden box packaging machinery to improve the food...
BecauseEVAHook bone temperature is very high in the production process,Cooling is not enough,Uneven blanking, etc can cause will stick up。...
Need to drill a hole in the installation position of clothes,Buckle in the middle of the cylinder can pass through,The buckle part on either side of the break,To separate the separate parts(Snap fastener is composed of four parts),Respectively through the beginning of holes on the clothes,With a hammer and a...
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