Heze city jia lian biotechnology co., LTDLocated in the JuanCheng industrial park,Covers an area of50m,Employees72People,One senior technical personnel12People,The main research development and production of rubber and plastic foaming agent,Foam stabilizer、AndADCFoam activation catalytic medicine, pesticide intermediates、Nylon polyamide plasticizer and chloramineB/TDisinfectant, etc。The scale of production and product quality in the domestic leading position。
• Benzene sulfonic acid zinc(ZBS/BM)• P-toluene sulfonic acid zinc(ZTS/TM)
• P-toluene sulfonyl chloride(PTSC) • P-toluene sulfonyl semicarbazide(TSSC/PTSS/RA)
• P-toluene sulfonic acid(PTSA)• The toluene sulfonate(SPTS)
• Chloramine B• P-toluene sulfonic acid methyl ester(PTSM)
• N-Butyl benzene sulfonamide(BBSA)• Methyl benzene sulfonic acid(BSM)
• N-Methyl groups-N-Nitroso p-toluene sulfonic acid(diazald/Diazomethane)
Address:Heze juancheng county industrial park
The phone:0530-2360062
A mobile phone:18605305732 13505739799
The mailbox:sales@heqingzhen.cn
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