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Changshu huade powder metallurgy co., LTD. Is founded1976Years,Is specializing in the production of auto parts enterprises。The company covers an area of18000Square meters,The construction area14000Square meters,Annual production capacity1.5More than hundred million pieces。The company mainly produces automotive starter、Generator with planet gear、The ring gear、Oil bearing bushing,More directly match with domestic auto motor industry leading enterprises,Such as...[For details]

Xiang-ming zheng, vice President of the graduate school of nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics...

2018Years1Month23Monday morning,Graduate school of nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics...For details>

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Powder metallurgy is a branch of metallurgy and material science,In manufacturing metal powder and metal powder(Including the non-metallic powder mixed with a small amount)As the raw material,Manufactured by forming sintering process using the materials and products industry。

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The company has advanced quality testing equipment and chemical analysis instrument,Specializing in the production of treasure card powder metallurgy products。

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  • China pv industry drive the development of powder metallurgy and so on a number of related industries
    In the past10Years,China pv industry did three things,The first is to promote the quality of the solar energy battery components and power generation efficiency,From10Years ago...
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  • Dr Mike exploration company he buji pavarotti rare earth of the joint venture...
      He mike exploration company(Matamex Explorations)Announced that the company is on track to complete gigapascals tile(Kipa... [For details]
  • 2016Powder metallurgy technology business BBS well packaged
      Since last year,The global economic weakness、The traditional industry overcapacity in China、Automobile production volume growth,The real estate... [For details]
  • Powder metallurgy titanium alloys or replace the current in the applications of the fuselage...
        Although, at present, powder metallurgy titanium alloys with only small niche market,But economical source of titanium powder will make these process... [For details]
  • Magnetic refrigeration refrigerator will be commercially available
        Since modern refrigerator was born,Refrigerator has been relying on the compressor refrigeration。However,The situation or fundamental will occur... [For details]
  • Powder metallurgy has become an important brake material in the domestic market
      Brake system is more important than power system part,And for how to more effective and safe braking materials at home and abroad... [For details]
  • Rare earth policy dividend gradually released Permanent magnet prices expected to continue...
      A few days ago,The state council issued《About creating a favorable market environment to promote increasing the benefits of non-ferrous metals industrial restructuring to promote transformation of means... [For details]

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