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Shandong yutai onion plant professional cooperatives by planting large,Farmers agent,Agricultural technology experts,Leading enterprises and so on was established2005Was founded in accordance with the law,Existing members1020Name,Cover the local10A town,Outgoing members involved in xuzhou,Shandong,Sichuan province,Henan,Gansu and other places。Has its own planting base10000Mu,Cold storage capacity50000Tons,Onion prices、Wholesale price of onion、The latest price、Onion wholesale market, etc。
Over the years,Cooperatives have been with Japan,The Netherlands,The United States and the domestic experts leading enterprises have close cooperation,Committed to improved variety introduction and promotion,Organized and planned development base,Regularly invited to Japan and domestic experts for technical training and guidance,Excellent product quality to win the trust of users,Formed on the leading enterprises in the international market,The specialized operation and management pattern of farmers and base of the onion。For the optimization of varieties of agricultural structure adjustment in our country,Contributing to the farmers' income,Was awarded YuTai cooperatives“Top ten”Jining“Thursday”And in shandong province“20Preferred”Rest assured consumption in shandong province advanced industry such as the honorary title。

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How the Onions are harvested?

During the onion cultivation should standardize the use of chemical pesticides,Help to plant diseases and insect pests can be killed in addition to clean in time,I believe you familiar with onion, but don't know is how to harvest,Then all of us together......

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