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  Dongying huanhai suye co., LTD is located in the shengli oilfield hinterland of the Yellow River delta--Dongying。Our company is located is the bohai sea economic zone and the intersection of the Yellow River economic belt,Adjacent to dongying port and glorious highway,Location advantage significantly and the transportation is convenient。
  The company is founded2009Years,The main productionPEWater supply pipeline、PEGas pipeline、PP-RHot and cold water pipes、PE-RTHeat-resistant polyethylene floor heating pipe、PVC-UWater supply and drainage pipeline、PVC-UElectrical casing and so on six big series1000More products,Widely used in water supply、Blowdown、The fuel gas、Heating、Electrical and other fields,Is a collection of product research and development、Production and manufacturing、Product sales、Market service in the integration of modern high-tech enterprises。Companies always adhere to occupy the market with quality,Reputation service customers,“Dongying seas”Brand series of products with excellent quality won the trust of users,Products sold throughout the country,Well received by customers。