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Xuzhou glass bottle factoryXuzhou hua lian glass products co., LTD. Is located in xuzhou Ma Po glass science and technology industrial park,The transportation is convenient,Highway、Railway、Convenient waterway,The company built in2006Years,Supporting enterprises-PingGaiChang、Mold factory、Cardboard-box factory。The existing jobs500Many people,Production2000Varieties are mainly:Honey bottle、Jam jars、Pickles、Capped、Sesame oil bottle、Bottles of wine、Beverage bottle、Tin、Fermented bean curd、The caster、Fruit wine bottles、Health care wine bottles、Fruit juice bottle、Medicine bottle、Coffee in the bottle、Koubei、Baby bottles、Glass candlestick、Water cup、Oral liquid bottles, etc...For details

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  • The phone:18652213550
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  • Address:The northern suburb of xuzhou, jiangsu province eight industrial zone
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Xuzhou glass bottle factory
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