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 The total jie chemical powder co., LTD Is located in the large talc origin,The scenic coastal open city of Qingdao,The company introduced Japanese advanced equipment production line and testing equipment,Make my company generated ultrafine talcum powder,Calcite powder etc. Nonmetal powder ability and quality at a higher level,Is the paint、The paint、Plastics、Pencil industry such as suitable materials。  Our company use local materials,Rich in natural resources,Annual output capacity6Ten thousand tons。The company is equipped with professional and technical personnel,In strict accordance with theGB15342-94The quality control system,Quick delivery,Abide by the credibility。 ......【More and more>>】

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The main chemical powder in pingdu the jie co., LTD:Qingdao talcum powder,Qingdao calcium carbonate,Qingdao dolomite,Shandong dolomite

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