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*Dragon YanZhongYou environment technology co., LTD Professional paint mist exhaust gas treatment and environmental ventilation systems engineering and sales of enterprises! *The international leading production equipment、 The advanced technology、Perfect testing equipment,To provide you with quality products and services!
About us
About us

Dragon YanZhongYou environmental technology co., LTD. Was established2011Years,Is a company dedicated to paint mist exhaust gas treatment equipment、Dust removal equipment、 Ventilation cooling system The research and development、Design、Manufacturing、Sales and installation for the integration of professional services companies。The company is located in longyan city in fujian province state-level economic and technological development zone,Regional transportation is very convenient。 Our company's main products:Paint mist exhaust gas treatment equipment、 Dust removal equipment、Ventilation equipment、Brand loyal friends environmental protection air conditioning 、Cooling water、Sewage treatment equipment、Water purification filter equipment、 Artificial fog equipment、 Environmental purification equipment And Refrigeration equipment And so on。According to the customer's requirements and processing a variety of non-standard products,The product is characterized by energy saving、Environmental protection、And cheap、Easy installation and simple maintenance。 The business enterprise growth process is a constant process of cooperation,Cooperation is the bridge to promote each other and grow。Loyal friends company uphold integrity、Based on the、Innovation、Zhiyuan, spirit of enterprise,Offer high quality products and services for our customers。Establish perfect service...

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